MakeMusic Finale Replacement

MakeMusic Finale Replacement

Does anyone here actually use a free music notation program? I have tried using RoseGarden and NoteEdit, and neither one works for me. Finale is really the only reason I have to dual-boot. (And no, it doesn't work on wine) Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you!

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Have you tried Denemo?
It's a GTK interface to Lilypond.
Denemo is actually available in the Ubuntu repositories. I have used it
briefly, and it seems to do the job!

Here's what I found after a bit of research:


  • LilyPond is the music
    typesetter for Linux, outputs TeX, PostScript, PDF, and MIDI files, with
    an awesome features set and beautiful notation
  • Denemo GTK
    front-end for Lilypond
  • Emacs MIDI
    Input an elisp mode for step-time entry from a MIDI keyboard, from
    Hans Lub
  • LilyComp a graphic
    note-entry utility for LilyPond, requires Python and
  • LilyTool a plugin for
    jEdit, provides functions similar to Emacs modes
  • Rumor
    Vaclav Smilauer's Really Unintelligent Music
    transcriptOR, a "realtime monophonic (with chords) MIDI keyboard
    to Lilypond converter"
  • Tutorial de
    Lilypond A LilyPond tutorial in Spanish, from David Asorey
  • LilyPond
    Guide For Beginners a set of introductory tutorials from Eugene Cormier
  • lyqi an
    Emacs major mode for quick insert of LilyPond score code

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Thanks! I'll have to look into these.

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