M$ Autoroute

M$ Autoroute

Tue, 2007-04-24 07:43 -- tinker

Hi everyone,
Does anyone know of a good alternative to M$ Autoroute Europe and Streets & Trips?

These 2 programs are the only apps that keep windows on my laptop, the rest of my life runs on Linux but I do need the features of route planning and versatile GPS almost every day.

The biggest drawbacks to the M$ software, apart from being windows and needing a new version every year, are the maps get out of date rapidly and are not well maintained. There are routes I have been directed along for years where the roads have not been built yet and many routes I have driven for years that do not show up, not to mention lots of turn left instructions when you should turn right. The trouble is the newer maps, when you buy a new version each year, are better enough to just make it worthwhile but then come the added 'features' that M$ insist are improvements, which bloat the memory footprint and mean there is a new learning process with each edition.

So I am looking for a GPS route planner, at least for Europe but preferably worldwide, where I can plan routes as well as use as GPS for driving, ideally the software should be Linux based and open source, I realise that the data is propriety and will require some form of licensing, but I would pay for that if I could be totally windows free.

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I am not familiar with this category of software, but i happened to find a site called FreeGIS.org.

Check out their GPS related software: Application: GPS. I suggest trying out GPS Manager (GPSMan). Check the others if it suits your needs.