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There’s a nice article on Donation Coder today called When Do Users Donate? Experiments with Donationware: Ethical Software, Work Equalization, Temporary Licenses, Collective Bargaining, and Microdonations. The article points out some of the common problems collecting donations and some very valuable do’s and don’ts. For instance: “While you may be tempted to tell your users that if they don’t donate you won’t be able to continue coding, this is probably a very bad idea for a software developer." Read the report for the reason why! (Note: Link via OS NEWS)


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Matt Barton is an English professor at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. He is an advocate of free software, wikis, and the Creative Commons. He also studies and writes about videogames and computing history. Matt also has blogs at Armchair Arcade, Gameology, and Kairosnews.