Free the Xbox 360!

Free the Xbox 360!

Well, here’s the latest violation of DMCA Anti-Circumvention that’s sure to get an cheer from the boys and girls fighting the good fight: Free60 is struggling to port GNU/Linux and Darwin to the Xbox 360. This is quite a challenge because Microsoft has really pulled out all the stops to keep this box safe from prying, er, owners (I suppose Microsoft doesn’t use that word to describe people who pay $400 for the box). Here’s a glimpse at what the team has found so far. While I’m sure even these problems won’t prevent hackers from taking advantage of the box, I’m not so sure Microsoft will stand idly by while they publish their results. What’s sad is that Microsoft has pumped quite a bit of PC power into these $400 boxes, and a cheap and easy GNU/Linux solution might open a lot of doors for people needing this kind of power on a budget.


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