Don’t like the DMCA Anti-Circumvention Clause? Speak now.

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Newsforge is running a story that ought to concern everyone here at Free Software Magazine. Every three years, the Library of Congress pulls down the DMCA’s Anti-Circumvention Clause (the one that makes reverse-engineering illegal and paves the way for totalitarian digital copyright policies) and solicits comments regarding possible revisions. Thankfully, the Library of Congress has accepted some of these proposed revisions in the past, and although the gains have been small they have been significant, nonetheless. Newsforge author Nathan Willis describes the situation and offers sound advice for those of us hoping to add our own voices to the struggle. Hopefully, we can get some attention directed towards the problem that this clause is giving the emulation scene and digital archivists.


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Matt Barton is an English professor at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota. He is an advocate of free software, wikis, and the Creative Commons. He also studies and writes about videogames and computing history. Matt also has blogs at Armchair Arcade, Gameology, and Kairosnews.