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A short biography

Gianluca Pignalberi is Free Software Magazine's TeX programmer.

He was born in Italy, where he studied and received the Laurea (MSc) in Computer Science. He now divides his time between Italy and Belarus.

He has worked at CASPUR (Italian Inter-university Supercomputing Consortium), focusing on language guessing; and with the Faculty of Engineering of University of Rome "La Sapienza" as a Professor of "Foundations of Computer Science".

He has written scientific papers for IAPR conferences and for HINDAWI Journal of Applied Signal Processing (which were all about image segmentation addressed by genetic algorithms); and has also written technical papers and reviews for Italian magazines Computer Programming, Login and Dev.

He likes programming in C and TeX (his current site was originally written in LaTeX). He also likes reading (Don DeLillo is his favourite contemporary writer; and he considers Maus, El Eternauta, Carl Barks's Uncle Scrooge and Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes to be the best comics ever, while the best artists were Magnus and Andrea Pazienza), acting (Goldoni, De Filippo, Ayckbourn) and studying languages: he currently speaks Italian and English, but he also studied French, elements of the Native American languages, and he has been studying Russian for three years.

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