Dave Guard

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About Dave Guard

Dave striking a serious editor poseDave striking a serious editor pose

Dave Guard is the Senior Editor and Online Content Coordinator at Free Software Magazine.

Dave Guard met Tony Mobily (coordinator of Free Software Magazine) in 1999 and knew that he'd end up getting roped into one of Tony's projects before too long.

He was convinced to study IT in 2000 and gained a Diploma of IT (programming) in 2002. The majority of his IT experience comes from working with a local web-development office which involved a lot of playing Diablo II and dreaming up ways to make millions on the net.

He lives in the best city in the world: Fremantle (Western Australia) where he does what he can to avoid working and raises his gorgeous son Kaleb.

He is also partially trained in Classical Guitar, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Marketing and Management and likes making music in any form he can.

His primary project is now Free Software Daily a digg-style news hub for the free software community.