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Hello Everybody,

This is an emergency post. I am writing it in Dubai. I am on my way to Rome and then London, only have 50 minutes left in my EeePC and no Dubai power adapter. The joys of travelling...

Some dubious ads have appeared in Free Software Magazine. I have received reports of a "virus scanner" (fake) with a malicious redirection. We currently use two ad networks, IDG and Adsense, and I don't have any way to figure out which one is giving problems. In any case, having worked with both of them, I am 100% sure this is something that simply slipped the net.

Please let me know, by email or as a comment here (email input AT and then freesofwaremagazine.com) the URL you get redirected to. This is a crucial piece of information.

I won't be able to investigate further for the next 24 hours. So... any help will be more welcome.

Thank you for your understanding and help!

Tony Mobily



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Tony - thank you so much for your post. Adify's Customer Service team has identified the source of the virus scanner and stopped it. You should also have received email from us to you at the address you noted in your post.

Best, Jordan Shultz, Adify

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I've just landed... I can see that the issue is being addressed.

Thanks a lot!


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I'm not sure but I think I detect some irony in your comment. Anyway Tony has said he will only "write it once" so here's his response to a previous comment on this subject.

I say that if a proprietary company is stupid enough to advertise to a bunch of people who are at least aware (or getting there) of the pitfalls of the licencing then they get what they pay for - nothing.

Smile nicely, take their money and run, I say.

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