OOXML is a standard. What now?

OOXML is a standard. What now?

Unless a small miracle happens, OOXML is a standard. What's next?

(I withheld the release of this video in Free Software Magazine until I managed, with the help of a fantastic community member, to make it available in OGG format and in embedded video format. Thank you Michael Fötsch!)

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First let me say thank you for making this available in Ogg. I love FSM TV so cool that we are getting news this way.

I was really annoyed that OOXML was made a standard after signing petitions and campaigning against it. Almost seems like the public and professional Opinion don't matter anymore when deciding on policy. All they care about is who has the most money and who can threaten people the most. So how are supposed to fight when they don't care what we think anymore. How do we get this information out to non-geeks and the average person so they know how badly they are being shafted. I am just feeling a little powerless right now I am sure I am not the only one.

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We Americans have watched our entire electoral process lose legitimacy as Bush stole elections in 2000 and 2004.

We're also seeing the government of China degrading the Olympic tradition to squash dissent regarding their occupation of Tibet.

This fiasco with OOXML and the ISO reminds me of how the United States has degraded the United Nations regarding the occupation of Iraq.

My suggestion is that we now consider whether we are forced by necessity to recognize a new international process for the definition of standards.

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