Act now on next week's EP vote on IPRED2

Act now on next week's EP vote on IPRED2

"IPRED2", a proposed EU directive to criminalise copyright, patent, and trademark infringement, will be voted on next week in Strasbourg. The MEPs are talking about it in their meetings this week, so it is important to contact them as soon as possible to tell them what we think.

I will be sending an open letter from FSFE to the MEPs tonight, after translations are completed.

The proposed text, in all formats and languages, can be found on the proposal's eur-lex page. FSFE endorses amending that text with the compromise amendments hosted on FFII's site.

The status of the Directive can be followed on the proposal's Legislative Observatory page.

And more information can be found on the Copy Crime website, and on FSFE's IPRED2 page. In particular, it is worth signing the petition on the Copy Crime site.

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This legislation is utterly disastrous for the entire Free Software community.

It's so bad that it must, surely, have the complete, gloating approval of every M$ lawyer in the world.

For Pete's sake, if you love free software, sign the petition.

Do it now, before it's too late!

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