Win a copy of “Pro PHP Security” AND a copy of “Foundations of Ajax”

Win a copy of “Pro PHP Security” AND a copy of “Foundations of Ajax”

Mon, 2006-10-30 02:44 -- admin

This week we are giving away a copy of Pro PHP Security by Chris Snyder and Michael Southwell AND a copy of Foundations of Ajax by Ryan Asleson and Nathaniel T Schutta.

All you need to do to enter is:

1) Read our terms and conditions.

2) LOGIN and post a comment on ANY article, blog entry or poll. We will choose the best comment made during the fortnight and the author of that comment will be this fortnight's winner.

Please remember we are more likely to pick what we consider to be an informative, well thought-out, interesting, funny or insightful comment as the winner.

Entries open on the 30th of October 2006 and close on the 12th of November 2006.

Thanks go to _Apress for providing these fantastic prizes._



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PHP and Ajax are smoking. Love to have them; I would be really appreciative if that happened.
But if you want some drolly humerous postings to judge me by, my comments in the thread about the "Free Software" poll might do it for somebody. I will assure you, however, that this note is not going to impress anyone.
P.S. - I am not an "anonymous coward", I think I just must be logged off.

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