Win a copy of “Pro Perl Parsing” AND a copy of “Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks”

Win a copy of “Pro Perl Parsing” AND a copy of “Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks”

Mon, 2006-10-16 06:00 -- admin

This week we are giving away a copy of Pro Perl Parsing AND a copy of Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks.

All you need to do to enter is:

1) Read our terms and conditions.

2) LOGIN and post a comment on ANY article or blog entry. We will choose the best comment made during the fortnight and the author of that comment will be this fortnight's winner.

Please remember we are more likely to pick what we consider to be an informative, well thought-out, interesting, funny or insightful comment as the winner.

Entries open on the 16th of October 2006 and close on the 29th of October 2006.

Thanks go to _Apress and [No Starch Press]( for providing these fantastic prizes._



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Submitted by jelledp on

Well my girlfriend her laptop has been peacefully converted to the nice distribution Ubuntu. It took me some time, first with a live cd, then a dual boot together with Windows, etc, to get her used to ubuntu, Then the magical mkfs command on the windows partition to finally free up some wasted discspace.

Now a days Daniela is very happy with the move to ubuntu, her laptop works just fine and she has all the programs she needs (besides yahoo photomail :-( ) It took some adaption time, but not to much though.

It would be nice as a gift for her, to have the Ubuntu for non geeks so she might just further explore the operation system in all its glory!

Keep it up!

Jelle, Barcelona.

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Submitted by Jon 1 on

I really like Ubuntu Linux. I am currently running it on an old (2000) Mac G3 400 Powerbook that I got for less than $100. Runs very well, much faster than OSX. And doesnt take up nearly as much of my 10gb hard drive! Now if I can just get my family to take to it, I could put it on my Dell box too. Im surely not "upgrading" to that new nightmare called Vista.


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Submitted by Anonymous visitor (not verified) on

Trying to maintain both Fedora Core Development and Ubuntu Edgy Eft (development, obviously given that Edgy isn't officially released yet); I'm finding Ubuntu to be better-behaved

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Submitted by msn4us on

my story with ubuntu :) its first time i use and installing OS from my self and i buy new hard drive in my laptop for ubuntu

really its so nice and i go away from windows

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Submitted by bobdown on

I'm having a wonderful time exploring Ubuntu, it's just great.

Just one wee problem...I can't get the printer working despite scouring the Forums and try various suggestions.

I sure could use that book!

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Submitted by ggdancer on

I have been using ubuntu for a number of years now( actually since warty was 1st released) I have found it to be one of the most user friendly and useful linux distributions around. I have been keeping as upto date as possibly with the current versions and also order the official cd's and distribute them to friends and also to small computer retailers/repairers.I currently have ubuntu installed on an old pentium II and an IBM 1161 thinkpad with celeron 500 processor. both installed easily and i have only had minimal problems.the thing i really love about ubuntu is the amount of choice you have in just about everything. its a wonderful distro.

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Submitted by Anonymous visitor (not verified) on

As a newbie to Linux in general, having tried to live with MS Xp,(and ground my tooth), i started the hunt for a neat and flexible OS. Let us all congratulate Ubuntu for a really clean and clear system, The graphics are especially good, and the ability to ubdate just what you like is sensible. The package content is not complete, and the lack of DVD player is difficult to live with. However, overall it is showing MS the way, and we can have fun getting our own flavour of Ubuntu singing!

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Submitted by jcalvo on

Este artículo me ayudó a instalar el openoffice a un colega, ya que al leerlo descbrió que era una herramienta muy fácil de usar. Además le pude indicar las ventajas de no usar soft privativo de forma ilegal.


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