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Do you want to write for Free Software Magazine?

At Free Software Magazine, we are always looking for new authors and wenow pay for articles (in books) thanks to our sponsors!

At the moment, we are looking for user-orientated articles. Specifically, we are looking for entry level articles on Linux and major GNU/Linux distros like “Ubuntu".

The articles will need to be very easy to follow. Something your mother would understand without too much effort (even if she doesn’t work as a software engineer for IBM...).

The articles should therefore avoid referring to the command line if at all humanly possible.

Here are some examples of articles from our wish list:

  • Installing software using Synaptic Package Manager
  • How to make Ubuntu look like [whatever]. Installing themes.
  • Ubuntu Breezy and “root" (admin) users: the whole story
  • I installed Ubuntu. Now what? Install a DVD player, codecs, etc.
  • Setting up multimedia using Easy Ubuntu
  • Configure a network with Ubuntu and Windows computers graphically
  • Configure Evolution to read your emails
  • RSS : Follow the updates of your preferred websites
  • Manage your iPod
  • Use Freenet, the secure and anonymous network

[UPDATE: Most of these articles have already been assigned. However, they will give you an idea of what we are after!]

For these articles, the “format" could be:

  • What the article is about
  • Where to get the necessary stuff—relevant sites
  • How to do it, step by step
  • What actually happened (in case of Synaptic, files got copied around the file system. Which ones? How? When? In case of Ubuntu themes, what copying the themes means and what a theme is made of
  • Closing remarks
  • Conclusion

If you have any proposals... please do contact us!


Tony Mobily

Editor In Chief



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Comment from: jay [Visitor]

2006-01-10 @ 01:52
what is the age requirement because i have a kid that needs a job and how to apply for that job

Comment from: Tony Mobily [Member]

2006-01-10 @ 01:58
Sorry, this is not a job offer.
We are looking for authors who can write entry level articles on Linux for Free Software Magazine. We pay our authors in books.

Comment from: maggie [Visitor]

2006-01-10 @ 13:40
I have been using ubuntu for a while and really like it. Writing an article sounds cool, but I don't think I can fulfil all the items on the wishlist.... esp since I don't use ipod... i use zen from creative hahaha but don't use it on ubuntu.. hmm..

Comment from: maggie [Visitor]

2006-01-10 @ 13:41
When is the deadline?

Comment from: Mark Luxton [Visitor]

2006-01-10 @ 14:49
I am a windows setup specialist. I am not a programmer but am a technician. I have installed and tried thousands of programs on Win3.11, 95b, 98se, 2000,& XP. I have become very impatient with software that "lets you down". I use a lot of free software and that led me to GNU/Linux. I have been using Ubuntu for only a few weeks and I thought I would be a good person to write of the difficulties and successes from the perspective of a new Linux user(with a rather high IQ), who knows what is nice in windows. I have been tourturing Ubuntu and installing every bit of software availiable, to see what is both intuitive, usefull, and capable--like the Gimp(very nice).
I also need books, especially for learning GNU/Linux. I am a person who has sacraficed being wealthy for having time to learn many many things. I prefer barter!

Comment from: caleb [Visitor]

2006-01-12 @ 01:08
Yes, ubuntu is a very nice distro for those beginning to use Linux, and those already familiar with another distro, but what about KDE. I've been using KDE for just about 6 years now since our Windows died, and I needed the family computer to work before my mom came home (HAHA). Could any of the articles feature KDE or its applications, I really love AmaroK, or something like installing Gaim with autopackage.

Comment from: Tony Mobily [Member]

2006-01-12 @ 01:24
Caleb: luckily, KDE users can use Kubuntu. When I say that we are after articles about Ubuntu, well, we mean Kubuntu and EdUbuntu as well!

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