Top 10 Free Software Daily stories this week! Plus a SNEAK PREVIEW of FSDaily's new site

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You get the best free software news at FSDaily... because YOU decide what's important. Here are the top 10 FSDaily stories from the last week as voted by the members. Don't like 'em? Think something's missing? Want to know more? Head to FSDaily and get voting!

FSM Newsletter 19 November 2007

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Hello everybody, and welcome once again to the fortnightly newsletter of Free Software Magazine: keeping you well informed about the realm of free software... AND the top 10 FSDaily announcements for this week! Happy reading!

Top ten Free Software Daily stories this week

  1. Computer role-playing games for GNU/Linux - Of all the various types of computers games out there, my favorite is the computer role-playing game, or CRPG for short. Read more...

Protect your server with Deny Hosts

Requiring system accessibility via the Internet poses several problems for system administrators. One problem is allowing access by authorized users with the least amount of complexity on the client computer while keeping the system and its services safe from intruders. Common services that may be provided include web server, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server, and Secure Shell (SSH) server. Each of these services can require different methods of security to ensure only authorized users have access.

FSM Newsletter 2 September 2007

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Hello readers, and welcome once again to Free Software Magazine's fortnightly newsletter (sorry about the delay!), keeping you up to date with all things free software... AND the top 10 FSDaily articles for this week! Enjoy!


We have reason to celebrate because FSDaily recently crossed the 1000 user mark! This is great news because we have only been up and running for 3 months and have only been advertising on Free Software Magazine. So word of mouth must be working well.


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