LinuxFest Northwest 2008: Saturday & Sunday April 26th, 27th

LFNW is the showcase for what people in the Northwest are doing with Linux and open source software. It's a place for Linux enthusiasts to get together to share their passion for what good software can do. This is an opportunity for everyone... satisfy your curiosity... get free stuff... ask experts... explore the latest in software technology... support freedom... experience the magic of grassroots software.

Free Software Magazine Awards 2008

Nominate your entries for Free Software Magazine Awards 2008! To nominate a project, a person or a site, just leave a comment under this story or send an email with subject "Awards" to:


Nominations close on April, 30 2008. Hurry!

The core authors at Free Software Magazine will be the judges for the 2008 Free Software Magazine Awards.

Free software magazine allows readers to create community posts!

Dear readers,

There is some news. This is important news about Free Software Magazine, and it affects the community. Please spread the word far and wide, in your blogs, news hubs, social networking, and so on.

What's the fuss about?

Well, all of our readers can now create contents in Free Software Magazine’s site, starting from now.

Free Software Magazine and Free Software Daily allow OpenID logins!

Wed, 2008-01-30 10:46 -- admin

In the past, Free Software Magazine's readers and the FSDaily community have needed to create accounts and login in order to post comments, post to forums forums, vote on stories and polls, and generally get involved in the community of the sites. Thanks to OpenID, this has now changed: we have now enabled and tested OpenID on the server, and we can proudly say that it works fantastically well.

If you are already a subscriber, you can still retain your login name and


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