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Highlights, announcements, numbers and scoops for the upcoming SCALE

Sat, 2008-02-02 03:58 -- admin

SCALE is on again. This year, Free Software Magazine will tease you about this ever-growing event with some numbers and some highlights. Hopefully, you will want to go as much the we do!

Some numbers about SCALE (some of them are estimates):

  • Attendees in 2002 (SCALE 1x): 400
  • Attendees in 2006: 1100
  • Attendees in 2007: 1300
  • Attendees in 2008 (forecast): 1500
  • Number of speakers: 70
  • Core organisers: 9
  • Volunteers working over the SCALE week-end: 45
  • SCALE-related emails received (and answered) by one of the organisers: 5800

Free Software Magazine and Free Software Daily allow OpenID logins!

Wed, 2008-01-30 10:46 -- admin

In the past, Free Software Magazine's readers and the FSDaily community have needed to create accounts and login in order to post comments, post to forums forums, vote on stories and polls, and generally get involved in the community of the sites. Thanks to OpenID, this has now changed: we have now enabled and tested OpenID on the server, and we can proudly say that it works fantastically well.

If you are already a subscriber, you can still retain your login name and


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