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Making waves with Audacity

For me there is nothing quite as relaxing as the sounds of the beach. The slow crashing of waves and the gentle lapping of water in the tide pools really helps me find my inner calm. Of course, I could do without the smell of rotting fish carcasses, the constantly screeching gulls and the looming threat of melanoma. So I decided to create my own virtual beach experience using some free sound clips from the internet and the free software package called Audacity. I’ve got all the relaxation without the annoying dead fish, dive bombing birds and sunburn.


Stylish XML

Part one of this article looked at how Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) can be used to make XML documents look good in a web browser. In part two, I’ll explore the more complex eXtensible Style sheet Language (XSL) and how it can be used to transform XML into HTML and PDF documents.

Limitations of XML/CSS

Stylish XML

Creating custom markup with XML is pretty easy to do, but making it look good is another feat entirely. Fortunately, a little knowledge of cascading style sheets can go a long way toward making XML easier on the eyes.

Basic XML

How to get people to work for free

As time marches on and our lives become more complicated, it seems we have less and less time to devote to that free software project we started back in our idealistic youth. Rather than abandoning a good project due to lack of time, consider seeking out the assistance of other members of the free software community. With a few simple steps you can make it easy to find volunteers to help you complete your project.

A roadmap to finding volunteers

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