Ubuntu Applications Book Chapter template

Ubuntu Applications Book Chapter template


"What" and "Who" is app for?

Figure 1: AppFigure 1: App

According to the home page,



Is it for you?


First launch

Describe what the user sees when s/he starts the application

Common tasks

Task 1

Task 2

More advanced options

Task 1

Task 2

Pitfalls and solutions



Author information

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(n): a Christian.
(n): a student.
(n): a technology enthusiast.
(n): a journalist for several online publications.

Andrew Min is a student, programmer, and journalist from New York City.

My main forte in the technology realm is journalism. I’ve written for a variety of magazines, both print and non-print, with a focus on open source software and the new web. I’ve also been interviewed on a long list of topics, ranging from politicians on Twitter to open source software and homeschooling.

I also have experience with a variety of programming languages (Bash, Batch, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and (X)HTML) and content management systems (WordPress). I’ve been hired to design and administer several websites. In addition, I’ve been the lead programmer on several small coding projects.