The Bizarre Cathedral - 6

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While the other creation under the label "Bizarre Cathedral" were easy to understand, I don't get this one. I am not a native English speaker so that might be the problem, but still...

What is that in the third section? "FREE SOFT D...KS"

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I always feel that if I have to explain the joke then the strip has failed but in this case I can see the problem for non-native English speakers.

The text on the poster in the third panel is "Free Soft Drinks". Perhaps it's a British thing but a soft drink here is -- usually -- some kind of non-fizzy fruit flavoured drink, in Britain this would be generically be called squash but I guess cordial is a similar thing.

The idea of the strip is that things RMS read in kindergarten/nursery influenced his later life. So we have :

  • a standard "it's good to share" message which seems to be told to all kids of a young age
  • an offer of free soft drinks - but obviously the "free soft.." bit is the influence
  • a dressing up box from which he pulls a long beard..

Okay it loses it when the joke is written down but that's why I don't like explaining jokes :o)

hope this helps anyway

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I will let Ryan explain the joke. However, please email me with the details for the comment problem -- just generic "it's broken" won't take me very far! email me on "merc" followed by "@" and then "".



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