A look all your own

A look all your own

Why would you install your own copy of Linux just to have it look like everyone else’s copy? With such a wide array of themes available, there is no reason not to try out a few on your Linux PC.

GNOME-Look is a great source for wallpapers, window decorations, splash screens and everything else you need to customize a Gnome based distribution (such as Fedora or Ubuntu). Thanks to the wide selection, the possibilities are almost limitless.

KDE users can look to KDE-Look for themes, icons and styles to custom their desktop.

Adding the custom themes and styles to your installation is also easy. Simply check your distribution’s documentation for specific instructions.

Enjoy your new look!

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Robin Monks is a volunteer contributor to Mozilla, Drupal, GMKing and Free Software Magazine and has been helping free software development for over three years. He currently works as an independent contractor for CivicSpace LLC